Special Installations / Projects

Lyman’s well established career coupled with being a pioneer in the wind sculpture venue has given him the opportunity to continually develop and refine his work. His artwork is known for the simple joy of elegant movement and a mystical connection to what is going on in the natural world.


In groupings large or small the sculptures dance to the rhythms of nature. The works can be viewed from any angle, creating interactive patterns. The kinetic shapes are bold and distinctive yet grounded to the natural world. With the changing nature of the wind, the sculptures move and interact with one another creating a visual symphony.


Following are a few examples of the special installations that we have photos to share. A more complete list of public works can be found in the resume at the end of this section.

  • The Gardens at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL
    Five Sculptures (5-16 feet) near the campus Library and new Medical Facility. Installed 2006.
  • Seattle Builders Office Complex, Seattle, WA
    Five sculptures (13-23 feet) grouped with large plantings. Commissioned/Installed 2006.
  • Sun Valley Resort, Ketchum, IDO
    Temporary display of 22 sculptures (13-22 feet) spread along Highway 75. April 2005-June 2006.
  • Falcon Gateway Mall, Mesa, AZ
    Five sculptures (16-27 feet). Installed 2005.
  • St Louis University Museum, St Louis, MO
    Eight sculptures (13-28 feet) alone or grouped throughout the Henry Lay Center. Commissioned/Installed 2004.
  • Lakeside, Dallas Fort Worth, TX
    Eleven sculptures (12-28 feet) alone and grouped throughout the commercial development. Commissioned/Installed 2003.
  • The Greens, Las Vegas, NV
    Twenty-one sculptures (6-16 feet) alone and grouped throughout the golf course. Commissioned/Installed 2003.
  • Yavapai College Sculpture Garden, Prescott, AZ
    Two sculptures (13-feet) Commissioned/Installed 2003, added in grouping to existing 19-foot sculpture. Commissioned/Installed 1999.
  • Avenues Mall, Appleton, WI
    Three indoor sculptures (11-13 feet) grouped in fountain area and an outdoor Wind Forest of five (20 - 28 feet). Commissioned/Installed 2002.
  • Phoenix Cancer Institute, Elyria, OH
    One 16-foot tall sculpture. Commissioned/Installed 2002.
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens, St Louis, MO
    Three sculptures (11-17 feet) Commissioned/Installed 2002, added to grouping of three sculptures (8-17 feet), creating Wind Forest, Commissioned/Installed 2001.
  • City of Hamilton, OH
    Grouping of three sculptures (11-17 feet). Commissioned/Installed 2001.
  • Raytheon, Aurora, CO
    Thirteen sculptures alone and grouped (11-22 feet) placed throughout the Corporate Campus. Commissioned/Installed 2001.
  • Yampa River Botanic Park, Steamboat Springs, CO
    One 17-foot tall sculpture. Commissioned/Installed 2001.
  • Utah Tourist Information Center, Moab, UT
    One 11-foot tall sculpture. Installed 2000.
  • Berg Park, Farmington, NM
    Riverine Arts Project in coordination with the Farmington Parks Department. Grouping of three sculptures (11-16 feet). Commissioned/Installed 1999.
  • Iron Horse Lodge, Estes Park, CO
    One 18-foot tall sculpture. Installed 1998.
  • Municipal Gardens, Ogden, UT
    Rotary Club funding in coordination with Ogden Parks Department. Fabricated brass fountain, 10x 22x 9 feet. Commissioned/Installed 1983.
  • Administrative Building at the Lab, Los Alamos, NM
    Copper fountain, 2' tall x 6' round. Commissioned/Installed 1980.
  • South Pole Station, Antarctica
    Sun Dial; temporary environmental installation. 1976.




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